The Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery Mission & Statement

The Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery is dedicated to the promotion of health and well-being through patient care of the highest quality offered with an attitude of heartfelt caring for every individual human being, with a deep regard for ethics, and with an international outlook. In the course of these activities, the members of the Society seek, both for and with their patients, to grow and advance, to impart and to learn, and to paticipate in mutual support throughout the process of healing.

This support embraces

  1. Contributions toward excellence in cardiovascular surgery through efficient and reliable teamwork with other medical professionals;
  2. Contributions to the improvement of medicine by more far-reaching research in cardiovascular surgery;
  3. Educational activities aimed at broadening the knowledge and appreciation of the field among the general public;
  4. Inculcation in the next generation of young cardiovascular surgeons a deep practical understanding of, and competence in, cardiovascular surgical techniques, as well as qualities of leadership;
  5. Contributions to health worldwide through broad-ranging activities affecting everyone – including efforts to achieve, and advocacy of, high-quality patient care.